Ac voltage sensor snmp software

The ac voltage detector indicates an alarmnormal condition in software and also via an led mounted on the sensor. Integrated input voltage sensor, 1 current sensors for. Remote site monitor with model spm200 by newmar powering the network. Voltage detectors can detect the presence or the absence of line voltage. It comes with an alarmnormal indication in the device firmware. Snmp traps for data center powering monitoring with nagios, zabbix and netmon network monitoring software. All akcp devices comes with an snmp interface for alarmnormal status, you can set. There is an snmp interface for getting the alarmnormal status.

Temperaturehumidityvibrationpir motionsmoke fireleakagelevel meters airflowaccess sensorsac currentdc currentac voltagedc voltageenergy. Dc voltage via voltage input output 2 on or off voltage out of range. Sensor 230v ac 1wuni is powered from the 1wire uni rj11 bus. Snmp polling via get is available to retrieve existing status and configuration parameters. Akcess pro dc voltage sensor for snmp enabled sensorprobe.

This is useful, for example to tell when the ups is running on battery power. Pm01 monitors the ac line voltage 110v 220v and sends you alerts when voltages cross the preset thresholds. Snmp, modbus tcprtu, iot mqtt dc voltage sensor designed for monitoring ac voltage levels up to 500v. Ac line voltage detection temperature sensor monitoring snmp. Snmp traps can be configured to send when critical conditions occur. Snmp traps are sent when critical conditions occur. The voltage sensor is connected to a poseidon2 3266 remote monitoring lan unit over the 1wire uni rj11 bus. Environmental sensor with snmp email text alerts and xml. Our ac voltage detection sensors are used to indicate the presence or absence of ac line voltage.

Akcp voltage sensor is specially designed for monitoring ac voltage. Access data with any standard browser on your pc smart phone. Environment monitoring system with 1wire sensor interface monitors critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and water leakage that. Snmp power monitoring sensors for enterprise data centers and server rooms, voltage sensors can alert power outages, failures, monitor power consumption or be used as relays.

Alertwerks ac voltage sensor ac voltage, 50250 vac, 1. It indicates an alarmnormal condition in software and also via an led. Ac voltage sensor the ac voltage detector is used to. Ac line voltage detection temperature sensor monitoring. Snmp temperature sensor monitoring for server rooms. Fahrenheit or celsius units available for temperature. When the presence or absence of voltage has been detected the ac voltage sensor indicates an alarm normal condition. Ac voltage sensors from akcp are designed to be used anywhere in the world. Lan tcpip ethernet server ips2222 relaytemperature. All programmable, accessible, and managed via the internet. More sensors can be daisychained using the second rj11 output. Data center power monitoring sensors, voltage sensors, relays.

Detect the presence or absence of ac line voltage in computer rooms. Event activation user specified dc current via current input output 1 on or off temperature out of range. Our ac voltage detection sensors are used to indicate the presence or absence of ac. Monitor rack air inlet and rack air exhaust temperature. You can have up to two voltage sensors per sensorprobe2 and up to 8 in sensorprobe8.

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