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Along with our great monthly newsletter you will receive access to our lectures, articles, videos, industry updates and insight into our great products, designed to help you succeed in the mobile home park industry. Mobile homes are an overlooked part of the real estate market and are usually hidden from the average investor. Top 10 mobile home investing books adventures in mobile. Mobile home investing mobile home investing page 9. The new investors guide to owning a mobile home park. This is a guest post from rachel hernandez, the spouse of a physician and a real estate investor who has written a book on investing in manufactured housing entitled adventures in mobile homes. If youre a subscriber to my newsletter, youll know that i recently signed up for this mobile home park investing course. These are questions a real estate investor is likely to ask when considering this type of real estate investment. Mobile home park 1020 investment system kindle edition by reynolds, dave, frank rolfe. When investing in mobile homes, factor in that mobile homes will decline in value. I purchased lonnie scruggs first two books and enjoyed reading them. The biggest disadvantage of mobile homes is the fact that they depreciate, and at a rapid rate too. Mobile home investment how to tell if a mobile home is a.

Mobile home investment disadvantages home guides sf gate. Investing in mobile home parks could be your most profitable investment outlet in todays market. Mobile homes placed in mobile home parks typically decrease in value over time. Paul shares 7 reasons why you should invest in mobile home. The 1020 mobile home park investment system describes and shows you the proper way to make money and invest in mobile home parks. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading mobile home investing. The new model that we have come up with is based on the reality of the mobile home business, and is constructed to remove most of the risk of this type of investing, through a partnership with the mobile home park owner, as. As with many forms of used real estate investing, there is no cookiecutter way a used mobile home investment should look.

We have no financial relationship, but like every link to a book on this website, if you. Mobile home purchase contracts inside mobile home parks for noninvestors john fedro 28 comments. Due to the incomparably high cash flow while owning a mobile home park and disproportionally large equity payouts at the end of a mobile home park investment cycle, it became clear very quickly that this type of investing was a wise move. My dad had been looking to get into the real estate business for some time and against the advice of family members he skipped single family homes and other investment types and jumped right into a mobile home park that was in a somewhat depressed area at the time. A mobile home inside a park does not come with land. What does an ideal mobile home investment look like. Introduction to mobile home investing real estate investing as a broad term encompasses everything from single or multifamily residential all the way through commercial highrise office space. This book will take you by the hand and show you how to make a good, secure livingor a fortune your choiceby using proven success formulas. Whether youre just starting out or an experienced investor, this one is a classic.

Available in our book store for the first time mobile home wealth investing in individual mobile homes if you are seeking financial independence this is the place to start the ball rolling. I am very much interested in mobile home parks but know little about them. Obtaining financing for mobile homes is also another problem. Why mobile home park ownership is the best investment in this economy and step by step instructions how to acquire and manage a profitable park laura cochran. In a suffering economy, finding a lucrative investment is essential.

Flipping is the act of buying a property that has seen better days with the sole intention of updating and selling it at a profit. Any tips or suggestions for getting into mobile home parks. This may be difficult to come by as most mobile home park owners are momandpop shops. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the investment world, this name will surely sound familiar to you. Learn how to cash in on the mobile home park niche. In this video i want to share with you some of the books i have found most helpful in developing and. Our mobile home park investment home study course is not like anything you have seen before. We tell you the whole story on mobile home park investing. First, i plead ignorance other than everything i can read about mobile homes on biggerpockets and in about 3 hours time. The homes to buy are found through mobile home for sale ads in the newspaper, through driving around in mobile home parks and looking for for sale signs in windows, and often through mobile home park managers who give leads. How i got started in mobile home investing and how you can too. In todays video we will be discussing the paperwork we used in our mobile home investing businesses before, during and after we purchase a mobile home inside a preexisting mobile home park. Her apartment is more expensive than the mobile home she had before. So, if you own land and build a traditional home or, in some cases, even.

I think tony collelas book goes into a lot about rentals havent read it yet correct me if im wrong. How to make money buying, selling and renting mobile homes velvel, zalman on. How to make money buying, selling and renting mobile homes. Mobile homes located in preexisting mobile home parks are closer related to an automobile than a mobile home attached to land or traditional home. Dan suggested that i read dealmakers guide that will be the next read. The mcanuff group mobile home park investment firm. Often times newer mobilehome investors i mentor assume the 2 sellers are near identical. Since theres so many books out there, ive decided to compile a list of the top 10 mobile home investing books. This book will allow you to take a glimpse into the future and discover what a decade of choices can do for your life and your investments. Mobile homer the new system of mobile home investment. If you do not know where to start, then this book contains stepbystep guidelines on how to jumpstart your mobile home investment with clearly defined business models that you can from for your planning.

Debbie wants to know why dave tells people not to buy mobile homes. As you analyze whether a mobile home is a good investment for you, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Park place is a story of two investors that took different paths in pursuit of financial freedom. How to successfully buy and sell mobile homes, a winwin approach for investors and mh park owners 1 mobile homer the new system of. In the current state of our economy, more people are. Learn how you can start investing in a mobile home park. Why settle for investment base hits when you can be hitting mobile homer. Introduction to mobile home investing realty mogul. If you are coming from the world of traditional single family house investing you may have little understanding about the mentality of many mobile home sellers. Investing in a mobile home can be a precarious situation. One thing that is super helpful when learning how to invest in mobile homes is resourcing up. While real estate is generally thought to be a solid investment, there are not a lot of homes being purchased. I first, i plead ignorance other than everything i can read about mobile homes on biggerpockets and in about 3 hours time.

Mobile home investment info is a mobile home a good investment. Subscribe to the mobile home park investment newsletter and receive our free book, mobile home park investing. On the other hand, land normally appreciates over time. Owning a mobile home is a good investment simply because they will always have people looking to buy them as long as they are livable. Flipping a mobile home can be a profitable project. If you are a beginner in investment, then mobile home investment is for you and this book will help you discover the basics, secrets and future for the industry. Also known as a mobile home, a manufactured home is an investment property that is made up of one or several prefabricated parts. Mobile home park residents are at a great disadvantage when it comes to raising rents. Mobile home investing mobile home investing page 10. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading mobile home park 1020 investment. Subscribe to the monthly mobile home park investment. Mobile home park 1020 investment system frank rolfe, dave reynolds on. Dave explains that its because mobile homes go down in value. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

The mcanuff group mobile home park and storage commercial real estate portfolio growth services are unique in that we view both buyers and sellers specific and different requirements, wants and needs as equally important in every transaction. Meaning, theyre a single owner and probably dont have sophisticated records. There are opportunities that look similar on the surface, but sizes, repairs, motivations, time, location, and resale priceterms may all vary from deal to deal. Join paul moore to hear how investing in mobile home parks got its reputation as metal boxes that spit out cash during this live event. As mentioned earlier, the mobile home park investment industry, for the most part, hasnt been infiltrated by more sophisticated real estate investors. Before going into this type of investment, be sure to check out my video on mobile homes vs mobile home parks. Considered the godfather of mobile home investing, lonnie was one of the first to write about his method of investing in mobile homes. Included somewhere in the middle is a lesserknown niche focus of mobile home. Mobile home park investing books and courses written by the top industry experts.

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