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Health response to the earthquake in haiti january 2010. Mortality following the haitian earthquake of 2010. In our writing on haiti over the years and especially since the catastrophic earthquake of january 12, 2010, we have sought to dig deeper than the newspaper headlines and ngo press releases. Jonathan katz has written the book about the haitian earthquake. The president, who is elected directly by popular elections, is head of state and appoints the prime minister, chosen from the majority party in the national assembly. I noticed the incorrect grammar in this article too the first time i saw it but i didnt really feel like arguing over it. Introduction fast facts island nation in the caribbean discovered by christopher columbus in 1492. The haiti case study 27 june 2012 foreword a joint study team from natos joint analysis and lessons learned centre, harvard medical school, and harvard humanitarian initiative is engaged in an ongoing study project to infer elements of a strategic framework for health system strengthening in crisisaffected fragile states. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Many nations and organizations around the world have wanted to show their solidarity to haiti in prayers and pratical support. Yet, we only have a very incomplete idea of the losses it caused. The 2010 earthquake occurred on or near the enriquilloplantain garden fault zone and was preceded by earthquakes in southern haiti in 1751 two events, in october and november, 1770, and 1860. Since its reintroduction to haiti in october 2010, cholera has spread across the country and has become endemic, causing high levels of both morbidity and mortality. In their abstract they warned that this, combined with the fact that the last known major earthquake near haiti was in 1751, could add up to yield 2 meters of accumulated strain deficit, or a mw. The big picture five years ago, haiti was struck by a massive earthquake. The quake, centered about 15 miles southwest of portauprince, had a magnitude of 7. Haiti is located in the american continent, in the caribbean ocean, occupying onethird of the island known as hispaniola, the dominican re.

Communication services were cut off by the earthquake. Kerry sanders and al roker report from haiti the day after it suffered a catastrophic 7. Millions of lives were shattered by the 2010 earthquake but the haitian population has. Postearthquake haiti 2010 an evaluation study a project agreement between consultative group on early childhood care and development and macquarie. A complex fault pattern constrained by seismologic and tectonic observations article pdf available in geophysical research letters 38l22305 november 2011 with 112. Witnesses are describing the damage as severe and catastrophic. Haiti 2010 earthquakehow to explain such huge losses. Following the earthquake of january 2010, the government of haiti appealed to the international community for support in assessing total damage and loss, as well as in post disaster reconstruction and recovery. Prominent studies show that it will take 10 years for haiti to recover from this affliction.

Health response to the earthquake in haiti, january 2010. Geo logical survey usgs and eeri that traveled to haiti january 26 to february 3, 2010. The earthquake shrank haitis gross domestic product by 5. This article examines responses in haitian writing to the earthquake through the prisms of a premonit. Haiti earthquake 2010 frequently asked questions the following is a list of questions and answers compiled by the uwi seismic research centre following the haiti earthquake on january 12th, 2010. The dominican republic was the first nation to bring aid to the haitians. Nearly 60% of the population was undernourished, with a dietary energy intake below that needed for maintaining a healthy and active life. They provided them with water and food as well as medical. The 2010 haiti earthquake was a very strong earthquake that hit haiti on january 12, 2010. Children play in the street with water coming from a broken pipe. The january 12th, 2010 haitis earthquake is the most destructive natural disaster in modern times.

Women in the aftermath of the 2010 haitian earthquake benedetta faedi duramy. This particular evacuation brought together for the first time plans, groups, and organizations that had previously only exercised this process. Over 200,000 people died while over 300,000 were injured and over one million more were rendered homeless. It summarizes observations from the advance team organized by the u. Uncovering the 2010 haiti earthquake death toll nhessd. On the scientific scale that measures the magnitude or strength of an earthquake, the quake scored a magnitude of 7. Republic of haiti, with an epicenter located approximately 25 km south and. Ecd kits in haiti final report the use and impact of ecd kits. One of the key lessons to be relearned from the haiti earthquake is. The largest earthquake ever recorded in haiti devastated parts of the country, including the capital, on january 12, 2010. The 2010 haiti earthquake response partners in health. Women in the aftermath of the 2010 haitian earthquake.

It crippled the main airport, most of the ports, and almost all the paved roads. On january 12, 2010 a massive earthquake laid waste to portauprince, haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands of people were killed and buildings were destroyed. Casualties are estimated for the 12 january 2010 earthquake in haiti using. A young amputee in a tent hospital in port au prince. Label haiti and surrounding countries on your blank map. The united states governments haiti earthquake response. This books starts out with a brief history of haiti. This catastrophic event has entered world history as one of the most destructive earthquakes on record.

The 2010s haiti cholera outbreak is the first modern largescale outbreak of choleraa disease once considered beaten back largely due to the invention of modern sanitation. The case study of haiti focuses on the policies and practices of recovery from that time until the present. The scope of the book is limited to the health response, health being defined in its. The response to the haitian earthquake was a glimpse at what the international community working together can do to help others, and relieve suffering following a catastrophic disaster. Haiti s political and economic conditions congressional research service 3 haiti s elected officials have exacerbated the ongoing instability by not forming a government. Geographic and tectonic setting of the island of hispaniola, of which haiti occupies the western third. The international community has much to learn from the response in haiti where it has shown an ability to repeat its errors and shortcomings from past disasters. In this vivid narrative, farmer describes the incredible sufferingand resiliencethat he encountered in haiti. Overview of the 2010 haiti earthquake earthquake science center. Paul farmer arrived in the haitian capital, along with a team of volunteers, to lend his services to the injured. Conflicting estimates have been published by different. This is the story of the people the british red cross has helped since that day. Because those needs are so great, time will donate a share of all proceeds from this book to haitian relief efforts.

The book gives particular emphasis to those lessons that are of general interest, i. I shot the entired hd video with canon eos dslr 5dmkii and edited through adobe premiere pro. The census bureau has numerous resources providing information not. On january 12, 2010, a major earthquake struck the country of haiti, destroying its capital, portauprince as well as a significant part of southern haiti, and causing massive casualties. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from wikipedia or other free sources online. The earthquake left a wave of destruction and death. This is a documentary produced during 2 trips to haiti early 2010. When these writers create archives in book form, they prevent them from becoming. Pre earthquake conditions before the earthquake, threats to nutrition security in haiti were already widespread. Communication services were cut off by the earthquake, so detailed information.

The month of january 2010 has been very tragic for haiti and the world in general because of the earthquake that took the lives of so many people. Just as cellphone video cameras brought the horrors of the indian ocean tsunami to the world in real time five years ago, so twitter feeds and blog posts did the same for the haiti earthquake, reporting on what had happened, asking if anyone had heard from loved ones, calling for medical supplies and creole speakers. Unicef annual report for haiti 1 executive summary the 12 january 2010 earthquake represented an unprecedented worstcase scenario for haiti. Writing the haitian earthquake and creating archives. A crosssectional cluster survey of the earthquakeaffected population in metropolitan portauprince was conducted in january 2011 to assess the impact of the 2010 earthquake on haitian households and to characterize perceptions of humanitarian assistance at one year postearthquake. Associate professor of law, golden gate university school of law. Overview of the 2010 haiti earthquake reginald desroches,a m. The haitian earthquake of 2010 true books library binding september 1, 2011. The earthquake that hit haiti on 12 jan 2010 affected almost 3. Background information on the earthquake in haiti on the afternoon of tuesday, january 12, 2010, the worst earthquake in nearly 200 years hit the island nation of haiti. Crises, emergency or disaster ceds haiti earthquake 2010introduction the 2010 catastrophic haiti earthquake took place on 12 january. Haiti earthquake threeyear progress report red cross. Haiti earthquake relief was a giant corrupt mess duration.

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