Kensi and deeks season 5 fan fiction

Maybe they have an epic argument during the season that raises questions about their future. I sigh and realize that i am wasting our time and if kensi wants to know something, she will have it her way and there is no way that she is letting this go. Kensi ate her toast and most of her oatmeal, and fell right back to sleep. In episode 10 of season 5, they become a couple but kensi is transferred to a mission in afghanistan for. This is set in the future, so the state of deeks and kensis relationship is not exactly what were seeing on screen at the moment, and as i mentioned i wrote this a while ago so this is what i imagined their relationship would be like. The afghanistan storyline was actually not originally part of the plan for season 5, but added to keep blye on the show despite actress ruahs pregnancy. In season eight, callen, sam, kensi and deeks go to the desert to capture a terrorist and their plane gets shot down and in the wreckage kensi gets.

Just what makes kensi and deeks so irresistible together. This is part 5 of the whole love story between kensi blye daniela ruah and marty deeks eric christian olsen on ncis. Kensi and deeks are faced with many complications on the daily, but when kensi returns from afghanistan, posttorture, they are faced with the impossible. In part one of this column, i had the opportunity to speak with some of the best ncisla fan fiction writers online. Deeks was born on january 8th, 1979 in california, but deeks didnt have a. This show hasnt done many but there does seem to be a pattern that daniella ruah kensi and eric christian olsen deeks do one together every season since season 2. In season five, kensi and deeks finally begin to truly confront their romantic feelings for each other, but face various obstacles. Kensi has been officially partnered with marty deeks since season two. Its where your interests connect you with your people. Now that they have finally give in to how they for feel for each other, that speculation is supposed to simply.

I wrote this ages ago during season 5, around the time kensi returned from afghanistan. Org is not in any way associated with or related to fanfiction. In season seven, deeks and kensis relationship remains strong to the point deeks introduces kensi to his mother, but they are still worried about the lapd internal affairs investigation. As densi fans will remember, the tension that had been growing between them finally.

Deeks and kensi get serious as they pretend to be just a boy and a girl instead of agents. In season seven, kensi decides to move in with deeks. Best kensi and deeks romantic moments carla day at february 5, 2014 7. Viewers who are hoping for a quick resolution to the pairs trajectory arent alone, however. We accept donations year round, so if you havent donated yet, theres still time to add your support. Deeks eric christian olsen and kensi daniela ruah will have to deal with the night they spent together, according to shane brennan as he told tvline. She also selected the game changing season 5 scene when deeks takes kensi on a. Kensi blye said as she lifted her glass and then downed her third tequila and deeks followed suit. As fans watched the painful recovery of kensi blye on ncis. Sam and callen make far better undercover investigators than they do love doctors.

Densi4ever, ilovejalice and 2 others like this ncis. Eric christian olsen said something very telling in the one of the special features on the season 5 dvd. The cbs procedural wrapped up season six with the ncis special agent assuming that both of his. Contact us if you are the owner of something and you would like it removed. Fanpop community fan club for deeks and kensi fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of deeks and kensi. Everyone normally refers to marty by his last name deeks.

Just something i wrote when i saw the first episode, really just the way i thought kensi should have reacted to deeks in the chair. Or, maybe the two are just put into a lifeordeath situation where they have to rely on each other to stay alive and have help from no one else. Fan page dedicated to the characters kensi blye and marty deeks, played by daniela ruah and eric christian olsen on ncis. In the ncis universe, its nearly impossible to get hitched without a few hitches. Since the torture he endured in the season 4 finale season 5 premiere, deeks has been avoiding kensi and still hasnt returned to ncis. She also selected the gamechanging season 5 scene when deeks takes kensi on a. He is also the partner to ncis junior special agent kensi blye. Cbs renews 23 total series, including ncis, fbi, blue bloods and all rise.

Five years that they pushed out every ounce of emotion and every single feeling away. Kensi backs out of the trip to mammoth with deeks, among other things, which sets a string of events in motion that will eventually lead them right back to each other. Well, as much as you can promise not to break anything in a story called explosions i guess. What happens if something else comes up before the end of the season. In being willing to compromise, deeks has not only won and kept kensi s love, but it has also gotten him love from fans and olsen agrees, saying, i. Now that kensi blye daniela ruah and marty deeks eric christian olsen have decided to take the plunge into a fullfledged relationship onncis. Kensi was in the bathroom washing her face, brush your teeth. Callen, sam, kensi and deeks werent the only ones whose fates were up in the air when ncis. Marty deeks promised himself that he wouldnt let her get to him. This couple is really cute and i still hope they end up together densi forever.

She felt drained just doing that, she hates the feeling. Kensi unterdruckt ihre gefuhle fur ihren partner deeks, doch nach einer ereignissreichen nacht kann sie ihm. If you listen to the commentaries you get the impression the writers dont have to work too hard to come up with some of the banter between kensi and deeks. I can see why kensi really fell hard for deeks in season 5 kim. They had been shot at thrice, nearly been blown up twice and had to kill two assailants to avert imminent disaster, she had even been abducted, so she intended to decompress hard and fast. Fans of the show ship deeks and kensi s relationship as densi and sometimes keeks. This deeks and kensi screencap might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup. After the heartfelt proposal of kensi daniela ruah to the love of her life, deeks eric christian olsen in last season s finale, fans are looking forward to what is coming next in their relationship. Deeks and kensi are finally able to talk for christmas. But it seems that moment is finally here, and theres a. Ncisla after episode fanfic december 5, 2019 14 comments. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

While kensi was sleeping deeks took monty to the beach. On february 6, 20, it was announced that miguel ferrer was promoted to series regular for the fifth season of ncis. But the fan favorite couple will make it out of their season. Marty deeks is the son of gordon john brandel and roberta deeks. As retrofitted into what was otherwise a meticulously planned season 5, brennan says, kensi s afghanistan op has turned into a great arc for the second half of the season the whole. Longtime fans have wondered if we were ever going to see the day where marty deeks eric christian olsen and kensi blye daniela ruah made it work. Deeks was sitting at his desk deep in thought when the call to ops came from eric via a tinkling of christmas bells. It was friday night and it had been one of those weeks. Hetty linda hunt and the gang will throw the newly engaged couple a party in the upcoming season of ncis.

The season 9 finale ended with callen, sam, kensi, and deeks in an suv that is seemingly blown to smithereens by bad guys who were waiting for them with a whole lot of artillery and a bone to pick. Find deeks and kensi videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more. Special agent harley hidoko andrea bordeaux, mosleys assistant, traveled to. Sam, callen, deeks and kensi walk down the stairs in a line. Following the events that took place in the season 8 finale, many viewers could not help but wonder what the future holds for the characters, especially for kensi and deeks, aptly called by fans as densi. Deeks and kensi fan club fansite with photos, videos. This season will focus a lot on the deeks kensi relationship, brennan notes. He said that deeks has never been in love before like thatif true, this has got to be one of the most important and significant scenes ever filmed in the history of densi. For the forseeable future, you will see kensi in every episode, ncis. Hetty needs you all upstairs, especially you deeks, he called out.

Takes place beginning season 5 after deeks and sam are rescued. When deeks is later arrested, the team learn deeks supposedly murdered his former partner, francis boyle back when he was a rookie detective and work to. Its been five years that kensi and deeks have been working together. You kill the lights, ill draw the blinds chapter 1. Deeks is dealing with the torture and coming back to ncis. Fans last saw kensi and deeks in a car alongside callen chris odonnell and sam when they were hit by some sort of missile. This is just a series of short conversations between kensi and deeks, one for each episode of season 5. I started this story two months ago and now i am going to post it. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. She climbs back up the bed just as deeks came in with the food. The story begins with some addon conversations to episodes at the end of season 5 and will continue on into kensi and deeks getting together. Marine corps family and still drives to camp pendleton every weekend. Because yes, we understand callen, sam and kensis reticence.

May 11, 2014 sam, callen, deeks and kensi walk down the stairs in a line. Fans can look forward to the day that deeks eric christian olsen pops the million dollar question at kensi daniela. Just playing with them and promise not to break anything. This is my take on one of the ways the season could go for densi. Callens in hospital, fighting for his life yet again. Deeks, understandably confused, happily accepted the proposal.

But actor olsen has reassured fans saying it most likely isnt going to. Deeks answered cleverly, spinning around in his chair to look at sam. This will be a series of deeks and kensis intimate moments. It moved from a tuesday time slot to a monday time slot. Since season 11s answers, deeks and kensi have been opening up about trying for a baby. And both kensi and deeks learn a thing or two about enjoying the good things in life, including a night sky and each other.

Damn, he was about to head home, or the beach, or somewhere where his pain wasnt quite so bad. All images their respective owners, no infringement intended. Kensi marie blye was born in san diego, california. I wrote this ages ago during season 5, around the time kensi returned. Kensi laughed as deeks climbed into the limo and struggled to find a spot to sit that.

She watched as the nurses and a doctor took care of him. Sep 21, 2015 callen chris odonnell is sinking to new lows on the seasonseven premiere of ncis. According to the networks full primetime lineup, the show, which previously. A case that will put sam and deeks as partners again. The longawaited wedding of kensi and deeks is finally happening on ncis. Nov 02, 20 2x17 personal when deeks gets shot and kensi stays with him in hospital. Deeks and kensi become engaged in the season eight finale. His past gets dragged up for the start of a new case.

Nate returns to talk to deeks and help him work through his trauma and questions deeks about the partnership and relationship between him and kensi. Kensi gives me a roll of her eyes and then sighs and says, im not going anywhere without you deeks. Callen hadnt known his mother since hed been a young boy, and even then, he d had to recover the memory. Sep 22, 2015 also coming up for deeks and kensi is an undercover operation, as a kind of protection detail in what brennan told tvline is a normal and very funny episode 150 that should be memorable. Obviously au based on what happened at the end of november 20. This sets the stage for season 9, where deeks and kensi will look to settle down somewhat after getting married at least, thats the expected conclusion of season 8s last few episodes. The only difference that comes across to between this season 5 deeks and season 4 deeks, interested in kensi is that this deeks is softer and actually treats kensi as a princess. She is also the partner and the wife to lapdncis liaison, marty deeks. Kensi marie blye is a fictional character in the show ncis. Many fans want the relationship finalized before the end of the season and some are even suggesting the couple should elope. Fan page dedicated to the characters kensi blye and marty deeks, played by daniela ruah. Oct 02, 20 kensi and deeks its a love story duration. While the team at ncis was up to their usual crimefighting and bringing bad guys to justice this season, their cases took a backseat to the emotional drama surrounding the characters personal lives. Two sides of densi june 30, 2018 16 comments miles between us deeks locked the door behind the senior agents and stayed there until he.

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