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From my experience, consulting firms such as mckinsey just want smart people and they dont really care what theyre trained in. Mba course helps you to explore nontechnical aspects of a business like marketing, finance, operations and so on. What is the best answer of why mba after engineering. The program at stanford university allowed him to build on the engineering knowledge gained during his undergraduate studies, while honing his understanding of the bigger picture looking at how engineering is applied within different types of. Most of the engineers choose mba as their career interest lies in administration and business. Gmat is a graduate management admission test and gre is graduate record examination. There are many opportunities in the market for engineering graduates but having a masters degree would double your chances of getting selected by top companies. May 11, 2020 with these reasons stated by engineering graduates for opting for the master of business administration programme, what are the benefits they can gain on completion of this masters degree is the biggest question to find answer to. Chances are that you are at a point in your life where you are facing the dilemma of whether you should avoid mba or take the leap of faith and go for it. Choosing a specialization is mandatory because recruiters come to the campus to hire students for their specialized skills and not just the general managerial. Study ms or mba abroad which is better after engineering. Thats the average experience for american programs. The best thing to choose after completing engineering in computer science is to go for higher education like doing masters. If you choose to study chemical engineering, you may like to specialize in chemical reaction engineering, plant design, process engineering, process design or transport phenomena.

So now, you have a complete package of education in civil engineering after 10 th upto research programme. Tech or mba in india as opposed to an mba abroad, making the dilemma a little more convoluted. Many engineers in their midcareer of technological parlance feel like they have already leveraged their technical skills and have saturated their career growth. Published on august 16, 2017 august 16, 2017 2,479 likes 2 comments. Pursuing an mba after engineering has become a popular choice for. Engineering design, planning, and management hugh jack engineering design, planning and management covers engineering design methodology with an interdisciplinary approach, concise discussions, and a visual format. The book has stories of 16 couples whose love faced the test of times when their husbandswives were. There are a number of reasons why one might decide to pursue an mba after btech. Best suited branch in mba for engineering students1.

The mba curriculum focuses a lot on group discussions. You may take up a job, prepare for mba entrance at the same time and enroll after a couple of years. Why mba after btech top 10 benefits of pursuing mba. After mechanical engineering, you can choose from following mba streams. Tech or gre post graduation to add to his skills and make a good start of career. Students think of engineering even before they make the careercourse choice. How to choose right mba program and business school after. Friends were preparing for ms and sharma auntys son got a huge package at a company and all of these people were telling me what.

I think it was incorrect to go for a second degree when you werent interested in studying, and another wrong decision to choose a. Career change options after mba for software engineers mba. Career change options after mba for software engineers. Assuming youve read sameers book, beyond the mba hype, and have still decided to pursue an mba, we lay out here for you in this post, the typical options that you can explore. Tech grad may be lacking inspire of possessing technical. Its a great idea to do an mba right after engineering. There are many management colleges in punjab which are offers best mba course. As both engineers and engineering students search for a graduate program that best fits their career goals, many are choosing an mba to increase their. The mba course after your engineering course will not only be sharpening your management skills but will also give you an insight to the generalist roles in a variety of non technical industries which in turn will bring for you new career opportunities for an otherwise technical person. Enrolling in mba after already pursuing a degree in engineering is a huge step as achieving this feat will require a fair amount of time, effort as well as resources. A survey by qs revealed that fame finance, accounting, business management and economics and stem science, technology. After reading through the comments, i see people confused of doing an mba or other course to boost your career.

If you have been scouring the net for international mba related information, youd know that a huge number of applicants from india have b. Also, an engineer who is in a technical role may want to move up the hierarchy and widen his career choice, so heshe can opt for an mba which. Common specializations of civil engineering include structural engineering, architectural engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and hydraulic engineering. Generally, its because engineers tend to take on management roles the longer theyre.

May 08, 2014 how an mba after engineering changed my career path. Apr 14, 2016 i suspect most engineers dont embark on the mba route specifically to learn that skill. Nov 03, 2017 some final words when it comes to determining whether an mba as an engineer is worth it. Which field of mba is better after be in mechanical engineering. Hi shreyash,choosing your career stream would largely depend on your own interests and career aspirations. Sep 11, 2007 2 how many engineering graduates every year end up with really doing what they studied. Earn an mba in engineering to distinguish yourself today, there are six major branches of engineering.

This is the image created in the minds of the professionals. Click here to book a free consultation session with our experts. There is no need to hurry and enroll for an mba soon after b tech. Failure to identify interests correctly and parental pressure are the main factors for students to opt for engineering at the graduation level rather than a bachelors in business, states a professor at a reputed management institution in. Why mba in finance after engineering targetadmission. Jun 30, 2014 is mba after engineering a good option. Tech or not is a big question almost every engineer faces in india. An mba from cranfield helped him carve out a career in management consulting. The real motivation for the degree is more likely a lack of opportunity for advancement in the ranks of most engineering departments. As petros explains, studying a masters in management and engineering provides opportunities to choose from a diverse set of specializations. Although he majored in engineering during his undergrad, his consulting career has nothing to do with engineering. And why it may or may not be a good idea to follow the droves of students who do that. Many students who opt for an mba after engineering develop their personality as well. Discover our most recent ranking of the best universities for chemical engineering here.

Discover our most recent ranking of the best universities for civil engineering here. For mba, students from a variety of fields can apply. Aug 10, 2016 realworld case studies from top global technology companies illustrate the concepts presented in the book. As many engineers would testify, things are often very black or white in engineering. Ms or mba abroad while there is a wide range of career opportunities up for exploration abroad once you have completed your bachelors in engineering, most students, typically, opt for either of the two fields ms or mba. Consider your personality, individual career prospects, and current company or position. Hi sir, i have done my dual degree in civil engineering i.

Every engineer wants to go up the career ladder soon and mba may be his mantra to achieve that. It has divided in various specializations after completed the b. You dont see a similar trend in other professions such as medicine, law, finance chartered accountancy, entrepreneurship. Students often question themselves that, is pursuing mba the right choice to make after completing engineering course. Some universities abroad ask for work experience for the mba degree, for these colleges, one cannot apply. Amit mahajan wanted a change in career direction after an engineering degree. There are many colleges where work experience is not require d.

Tech degrees and several years of work experience after completing their engineering course. This question is very common and why mba after engineering. If you get an mba after your b tech, your value rises exponentially. If you dont choose it well, chances are that you would miss the maximum benefits that you could get if you would choose the business school and mba program. Engineering degrees help students develop the technical skills needed to solve practical problems in the physical world, building on science and technology. Barring the first scenario which may change sooner than you expect, youve come to the right place. Which mba stream to choose after civil engineering. Here, you are in pursuing your mechanical engineering. And at engineering schools find out that its not for them. Phd grads do research for companies or for universities or are experts in a field and comand a strongsecure salary in some sense but not typically what a good mba would make, especially if you can climb up the corporate ladder even a little bit. Jul 10, 2015 why mba in finance after engineering anshu kumar july 10, 2015 0 an engineering student always thinks of pursuing a technical course like m.

Take the time to really study your individual pros and cons. However, both combinations would give you good career opportunities. My cousin got his mba after he obtained his bs in engineering. With computer science engineers cse choosing mba postgraduation degree programs check out which mode of study to choose, here being the criteria, we attempt to decode the best mba specialisation that is recommended to be opted after a graduate engineering degree. An engineering graduate with an added qualification of mba degree, gets an exposure to businessrelated topics that is normally not included in the regular engineering studies. Planning for mba after engineering in it hotcourses abroad. Deciding on whether you want to pursue mba after b. I have been through gdpi, and my answer to this question why mba. Specialization subdisciplines civil engineering is a deep field of technical education. Choosing the right mba program after computer science.

Which mba stream to choose after completing mechanical. For doing mba, you are not required to complete graduation in commerce field or any other particular field. Thats why, in this blog, we explore the drive towards mba after engineering. Jan 18, 2017 when you decide to do an mba after engineering or any other degree, you are willing to put in 2 years of your life, a lot of investment and a massive effort to make a mark in your career. So why do engineering graduates choose an mba after their degree. Whenever i put an answer here, the attempt is to see what is actually being asked and what interpretations the question has. In addition to the major branches, there are several concentrations from which a student may choose. Oct 01, 2019 masters in engineering management mem degree is also famously known as the engineers mba. Students can choose an mba after engineering in india or abroad. So, when you answer the question of why you choose mba, just reply with a smart and witty manner. Reason enough to turn this choice off for now and consider the other options. Every mba student is expected to be smart and witty. Most people prefer it for the fat salary package one may end up earning after completing mba from reputed colleges.

Apr 30, 20 why is an mba after engineering so valuable. Seven out of the 8 answers here are from the student fraternity. During mba, you will have courses in accounting, economics, finance, human resources, statistics. An mba after completion of engineering is a good option for pursuing postgraduation. Mba in hr mba in international business mba in marketing mba in operations mba in real estate mba in systems mba in media management mba in engineering most of the b. Going to school for any degree is a large investment of both time and money. Many companies are looking for engineers with great management skills. The aim is getting some value into the answer for the person who has asked it because valuable time and effort is being in.

This is the most asked question in interviews for banking jobs for engineering graduate freshers. Best suited branch in mba for engineering students. We asked grenoble mba student chaitanya potabattula, who is on that journey now as a child, indian national potabattula dreamed of becoming a commercial airline pilot, but as an adult he got into it as a software engineer at infosys. Tech guys go for mba in hr or engineering so that they can stay relative to their field. Great courses to do after engineering improve your career. The fumbling tone of the answer will create doubts in the minds of the interviewer. I sat on the other side of the interview table for years. Master of business administration mba is best option for your career if you choose management education after b.

You can either pursue a career in the engineering field or change course and get a managerial position after an mba. After all, the basics of making money are pretty simplesell a product for a lot more than it costs to make. The first year of a fulltime mba is usually for laying the foundation after which you can choose. Because this is the crucial question that every aspirant is confronting with.

Top 10 engineering management books kettering university. Which mba program to choose after computer science engineering. How an mba after engineering changed my career path. An mba abroad after engineering makes more practical sense when you have worked for around 45 years. Nov 26, 2015 barring the first scenario which may change sooner than you expect, youve come to the right place.

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