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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for dj max portable black square for playstation portable. An international version of the game was released in north america by pm studios. Find all our dj max portable black square cheats for psp. Included with the dj max technika exclusive collection. Djmax portable black square dear my lady music video djmax portable black square dear my lady music video skip navigation. The night stage tp max 95%, dear my lady tp max 95% randomizer set. Djmax technika is the first touch screen rhythm game in korea made by pentavision. One thing i always wanted to archive on the internet and one that i cant seem to easily find is a complete list of djmax original songs compiled by game debut. Discontinued upright video arcade games dj max technika. Unlock 4b song styles cheats for dj max portable black. This player will also become the crews leader, the crew master. If you own more than one metro project dlc, the extended mix song is unlocked. Black square on the psp, club tour guide by nishikado.

Dear my lady this is also the shortest song in the game overall, i really enjoy the optimization portion of the game, but i wish that some of the mechanics were better explained. Dear my lady fury remember shoreline son of sun sweet shining shooting star voyage access area 7 beyond the future hexad thor do you want it exclusive note skin, gear skin added exclusive missions added. Black square on the psp, a gamefaqs message board topic titled blacksquare song list. Thus, we respectfully request you to remove or disable access to not only the materials and sources named in that list but also any other materials and sources searched with the keyword dj max, djmax, or any source related to the djmax including music source categorized as djmax in your site. Wc also has two of the best songs from dj max black square. Dj max portable 3 original soundtrack dj max rock tunes. Divine service link disc to dj max portable 2 or clear the song at club, 7th area black square proposed, flower, wolf part 2 get a combo of 22500 in freestyle or clear the song at fire club. Dear my lady hd 4b clear dear my lady on nm 4b style. A sequel to the game, djmax technika 2, was announced on march 4, 2010. Rex score 3000 play the futurespace of soulcypher gate. Produced by pentavision yet again, now djmax emotional sense. Dj max technika 2 is expected to hold more online functionality than dj max technika. Black square includes total of 49 songs available to play, 3 full motion videos, and 10 pages of picture collection from each song.

Well, guess my chances of getting the last trophy in the trilogy pack is out the window, ventilator is being a tough sob to max combo, let alone get an s rank on. Although not a numbered sequel, it incorporates the greatest number of additions in the series by combining features introduced in djmax portable 2 as well as djmax portable clazziquai edition. Cyclone mod would allow for 1 100 and would kill you if you finished with 100%. Platinum crew users are able to purchase various items using max points earned ingame, such as avatars, dj icons, notes, emblems and effectors. Global distributor of dj max technika video arcade game and more.

How a terrible game cracked the 3dss security early days of 3ds hacking duration. Sweet dream, now a new day, private party, only for you mind control get up someday tell me desperado dear my lady. Landscape tsukasa dear my lady oriental st8 beyond the future 7 sequence access sphazer 2 ios. If a save file is transferred to a psp either by swapping memory sticks or downloading, the game recognizes the mismatch and refuses to load the game data. Disc 1 contains songs from pentavisions new djmax technika game while disc 2 contains full and extended versions of the songs that were originally made.

Favor score 3030303 sweet shining shooting stari want you dear my lady dj. Djmax portable black square is a rhythm game developed and published by pentavision entertainment. Bga artist information for do you want it is now displayed. This was the first game announced as part of the djmax metro project. Djmax portable black square original soundtrack vgmdb. Black square on the psp, gamefaqs has 183 cheat codes and secrets. On the brighter side i managed to clear a few more missions today and cleared a few more 10 tracks max combo so i might see the plat one day. Djmax project and my djmax skin check out my touhou skin while youre at it too. Soundtrack dj max collection various 20062011, mp3.

A long time ago on this wiki we used to actually cover djmax games. Djmax respect ot press x for max respect naeu release. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. Xeon score 3200000 loveri want youshoreline rex dj. As with dj max fever, djmax portable black square prevents the transfer of save files by associating the saved data with the mac address of the psp.

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